Our vehicle fleet

Our company has always placed a great emphasis on the due acquisition and operation of vehicles.

At the acquisition of trailers and trucks we pay special attention to the current ADR, traffic safety, technical, convenience and environmental specifications, occasional changes of the regulations and the needs of our customers.

At the acquisition of our trailers the installed technical equipment is of key importance. At the selection the most important factors are to be in possession of the latest technology systems of the running gear, the brakes and stabilization / roll-over protection (ABS, EBS, SMR, ASR etc.), to be up to the highest standards of environmental classification, and last but not least, to provide the best possible comfort level for the driver’s cabin. For our company it is extremely important to fully perform the commissions received from our customers, to win and keep their trust and to ensure the delivery of hazardous materials to the destination by the most reliable vehicles while protecting human life and our environment.

At the acquisition of our trucks reliability is also important, thus several new road safety systems help the work of our drivers. The most important of these are the stabilizing system and the roll-over protection system, which work in sync with the trailer, preventing the vehicle from rolling over or slipping during braking.

Apart from the above mentioned factors it is also a key issue at our vehicle acquisitions to have a low tare weight, which facilitates higher load capacity.